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Friday, April 29, 2005

~Oh Dear Oprah~

Headline on Supermarket Tabloid:

"Alien Bible found." -They worship Oprah Winfrey.

Author: Red Burtt

~Odd Couple~

Bill & George:

Bill Clinton and "President" George Bush have become very close friends, they call each other by their first names and talk often on the phone, "one on one" sharing advice.

GW Bush recieved a standing ovation at a Washington dinner when he said this about Clinton's recent "Heart Surgery", he said, "When Bill woke up he was surrounded by his loved ones, Hillary, Chelsea and My Father"

Barbara Striesand, "Fonda" Kerry, his wife, "Pit Bull Teresa" and most of Hollywood are all under sedation.

When Barbara Bush watches them (Bill & George) together she just shakes her head and laughs.

Author: Red Burtt

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Killer Speaks

Uncle Teddy Kennedy:
The Waddling, Blubbering, Drooling Buffoon went on national TV and started Slobbering about the Anniversary of the Abba Dabba Prison in Iraq.

He was whining about "Mohammad Underwear Head" and "Mohammad Dog Leash". He said the Anniversary of the "Pile On" is a very distressing time for him, he says he still gets "Ill" watching the pictures a year later.

Another Anniversary is coming up this summer, it is the Anniversary of Mary Jo Kopechne. The girl that Vomited, Soiled Her Underwear, than DIED in the back seat of Uncle Teddy's "Rosemobile".

One fast phone call might of saved her life, Uncle Teddy walked by several phones that night, he never stopped to make that "one life saving call".

Uncle Teddy that night had only one thought on his mind, "THE COVER UP" the Kennedy Tradition, don't take responsibility for it, "Cover It Up"

After getting "The Cover Up Started" Uncle Teddy swam back to his Hotel, then went to bed and slept like a baby.

When Mary Jo's "Drowning Anniversary" comes up this summer, will Uncle Teddy go on National TV and give a speech about it upsets him to look at Pictures of Mary Jo.

Uncle Teddy cries, blubbers, whines and slobbers over the Iraqi Criminals with silk Ladies Underwear on their heads.

Has Uncle Teddy ever shed a tear over Mary Jo.

He couldn't even make a lousy phone call for her.

Uncle Teddy will ROT in hell.

Author: Red Burtt

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Watch Out

Be careful of your kids if your in Florida.

Pedophiles & Child Molesters should be castrated.

Child MURDERERS should be exacuted the day after they are found guilty.

The "Death Penalty" may not be a deterant to a crazy killer, but if he is caught and exacuted you can be damn well sure HE won't kill again.

Life in prison doesn't always mean "life" in prison, 20 years down the line when all is forgotten as sure as God made Trees, some do-gooder will come along and get the "Killer" his "FREEDOM" (to kill again).

Thats what I say>

Author: Red Burtt

I'm Sorry

I am going to stop insulting Liberal Democrats, I am starting to feel sorry for them, they are going nuts. I only do it to get some of my friends mad at me anyway.

We are headed for the Laundromat in Bridgton today, while there I will keep an eye peeled for any unusual activities.

There is a College in Bridgton Maine and where there is a College there are "Neo Libs", they are always good for a few laughs, "they always forget where they park their car", many of them still have "Al Gore" bumper stickers. (Sorry).

Global Warming is hitting us real hard up here in Maine, today is April 24, we had Snow two days ago.

Don't Worry.

Author: Red Burtt

Friday, April 22, 2005

Easy Money-No Taxes

While sitting in a parking lot looking at a Supermarket these thoughts crossed my mind.
“MONEY”, “Liberal Democrats” “Dunkin Doughnut Coffee Cups” “Old Sneakers” “False Teeth” “Dirty Shirts” and again, “Money”, yes, these are some of the things I thought of.

As I have stated before on here, I grew up in the City Of Cambridge Massachusetts, Cambridge has over the last forty years or so become one of the “Looniest Kooky Left Wing” cities in America, second only to “ San Francisco and Berkley California”.

The city of Cambridge has a “Condom Machine” in the lobby of City Hall. They refuse to watch “Fox News” because they believe that Fox News, The Bush administration and the CIA have come up with a secret device that allows the government and Bill O’Reilly to spy on them through their TV sets.

When the Kooky Left Wing Liberals that live in Cambridge engage in sexual activities or when they are shoving Coke up their noses, they turn their TV’s off. (CIA can’t watch them)

These people are infatuated with Winos, Bums, Third World Degenerates, and anybody that can’t speak English. Cambridge is loaded with “Do-Gooders”.

I have come upon an idea on how a God fearing, law abiding, patriotic gentleman such as myself can capitalize on the "ding dong" “Bleeding Hearts”

I am going to let my beard grow for two weeks, just enough to make it look “raunchy”. I have old sneakers, I will cut holes in them so that my deformed toes are visible, I have teeth missing, I will leave them missing, I have a filthy “John Deere Tractor Cap”, I will wear it, I will wear one white sock and one blue sock (dirty), I will wear filthy dirty rotten pants that are too long for my legs, by doing this, I can pull them up so that they are under my armpits, I will use a piece of clothes-line for a belt. I will also wear a dirty white tee shirt that is XXX large, I will print on the front and back of this tee shirt with a Magic Marker the words “God Bless Jimmy Carter”.

On the front of my “rotten tee-shirt” just over my heart I will pin on a “Used Condom” and let it hang down, underneath it I will pin a small sign that says “Prevent AIDS”. I will be carrying a large, empty, “Dunkin Doughnut Cup”.

I will Park my Car on Mt Auburn St, then after carefully scanning the area and when I think no one will be noticing, I will emerge quickly and walk around the corner onto Massachusetts Avenue.

I will then position myself on Mass Avenue in a spot where I assume the most foot traffic will be.

Now the most important part of this whole operation will take place.
I have bad legs, I have “Arm Crutches”, I will stand with one arm crutch and use my free hand to hold out the empty Dunkin Doughnut Coffee cup. I will just stand there, staring into space. Now do you understand what I am going to do? I am going to “Panhandle”, The City Of Cambridge loves these stinking Wino bums.

Every Batty, Left Wing, Liberal, Anti American, Flag Burning, Bush Hating, Looney Screwball that passes by me will throw money into this “Doughnut Cup”, Harvard Square is loaded with them. I would guess that by just standing there looking like a “Smelly Bum” could make a person $500 per day. (Twitching and Blinking could possibly help, moreso with old female "Looney Liberals")

The Police won’t bother you, the Liberals in City Hall would sue them if they did, they would lose their homes, when a Police Car drives by the Cops just look the other way. (The Cops don't want to touch these people they are afraid of the "Ebola Virus")

If you should bring some of you’re out of town friends to Harvard Sq, and you see a “smelly wino” with a Condom hanging off his tee shirt, “SMILE”.

Author: Red Burtt

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Me And The Pope

The Catholic Religion is just that, "The Catholic Religion"; they have elected "Their Pope". If he is who they want, they now have him. I say good he is a man that wants to preserve the traditional teachings of his religion.

I would suggest to all "Politically Correct, Liberal, Left Wing Catholics" that don't agree with their new Pope, LEAVE, join the "Luke Warm" Catholics, "The Episcopalian's", anything goes over there now, (Political Correctness At It's Finest)

The Leaders of the Episcopal Church now embrace much of the Left Wing Liberal "KOOK" philosophy, disgruntled "Liberal Catholics" should now join them. When the Democratic Party became infested with "Hateful Left Wing Looney Liberals", I simply "left them", I am now known as an "Ex Democrat", if Tip O'Neal , Truman or FDR could return, I would "rejoin them".


Other Religions:
I am not a Catholic, I grew up in a Catholic neighborhood, I used to be told that I would never go to heaven because I wasn't a Catholic.
That is the true Philosophy of the Catholic Church and it holds true today to traditional Conservative Catholics, they still believe it, so does their "New Pope", fine, you do your thing I'll do mine. I respect this Pope; he is sticking to the "Traditions" of the Church. If you don't like your new Pope, leave.

This Pope doesn't want the Liberals to invade and change the church's true teachings. (Hollywood Democrats Will Now Demonize The Catholic Religion And The Pope).

I find it strange that the Liberal Neo Dem's that support the practice of a Doctor going up inside a womens Womb where a little five month old Fetus (Human) lies all safe and warm, then the Doctor grabs the little head with medical pliers and crushes the skull, drags the little body out of the Womb and throws it into a garbage can. Most Lefty DEMOCRATS support this. I support Abortion up to a certain time, early stage, never mid term or late term, then it is murder.

That is my opinion; you probably have yours, that is fine with me.These same phony Liberal Democrats will light little candles and roll around in the streets crying and sobbing trying to save the life of a"Ted Bundy" from being executed but support crushing the skull of a five-month-old innocent baby.
(Kill the baby, save Bundy, thats the Neo Dems for you)

Compare this new Pope to the Leaders of the Islamic Muslim Religion. The Liberal Democrats in America will crucify this Pope because he won't allow female's to be priests. The Liberal Democrats will never admonish the Muslims for their treatment of women; they are "Cowards" they fear the Muslims.
If a prominent liberal democrat takes on the Muslim religion, he will be tracked down, Disembowled, than Beheaded.

The Middle East Muslims treat their Donkeys better than they do their wives, why havent we heard from Hillary on this subject, where are all the N.O.W. feminists, these "Activists" are so concerned with women becoming Priests, why are they so silent on the, Middle East Muslim Female Slaves?
(Are they afraid of having their little heads cut off)


Author: Red Burtt

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

~Habemus Papam~

A New Pope:
The Left Wing, Swinging, Wife Swapping, Looney, Liberal Democrats out in Hollywood are going to "kick the crap" out of this new Pope in their "Raunchy Movies".

This Pope is a "Right Wing Conservative"
The "Slutty" Hollywood Crowd would have prefered to have had "Larry Flynt" elected as the New Pope...

Author: Red Burtt

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Pretty Boys Pimple

Remember little pretty boy, "Slinky Edwards", John "Fonda" Kerry's running mate. It was Edwards that claimed if "War Hero"Kerry" were elected people would rise from their wheelchairs and walk again.

Remember how Kerry and Edwards used to massage each others backs when they were on stage together, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now, do you remember that "Pretty Boy" Edwards had a big pimple on his lip.

Last month Kerry & Edwards met at some Dip Shit "Hate Bush" Liberal gathering, they shook hands and then they immediately started to rub each others back. That is when it happened, (A Kerry Miracle) Edwards Pimple dissapeared. It hasn't returned. The Pimple is gone. I wish I could get "Fonda" Kerry to rub my back.

I wish I could get Kerry to rub my leg.

Dear God, maybe John "Fonda" Kerry can get people "up and running" from their wheelchairs... The next time you see the "Handsome Lawyer" look closely at his Cute little face.......THE DAMN PIMPLE IS GONE............. "Our Father Who Art In Heaven"

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

~Self Checkout~

I'm obsessed with Supermarkets:

The bastards have a new one, it is called "Self Checkout", now they want you to "Scan" and "Bag" your own groceries.

These Cooperate Big Business Millionaire "Scum Shit Bags" treat us like children, and many people fall for it.
There is a "Shaws Supermarket" in Conway NH, that makes a very big deal out of this "Self Checkout" thing. When I have nothing to do in the Supermarket I "eavesdrop" I "listen". Today I overheard a Store Manager using their "little child" philosophy. This store manager was a "powerful women" and she looked it, she had the Pant Suit, the wedge high heel shoes, the horn rim glasses, and the George Clooney haircut.

I watched her approach a customer who was standing and looking over this "ungodly self checkout". This is what the "Big Shot Manager" said, "Hi, have you tried our self checkout yet" the customer replied, "no", Ms Manager then said just as though she was speaking to a Ten Year old child, "Try it, IT'S FUN"

This customer, this poor hard working slob who had just put about $150 worth of food in his cart and who probably can't wait to get home and lie down is being told by this Idiot Moron Shaws Brown Noser that he can have some FUN if he checks his own order out. (and bags it)

If everybody checks out their own order, imagine the FUN Shaws can have laying off all those poor Cashiers and 75 year old Baggers.

Someday, somebody will invent a "shopping cart" that after being emptied in the parking lot will return to the store all by itself. Then Shaws can have some more FUN laying off all the 85 year old dopes that "collect shopping carts in a blizzard".

Do you want to have some real fun, eat two or three doughnuts and don't pay for them, order a pound of Haddock then leave it behind the Corn Flakes.

Author: Red Burtt

Monday, April 11, 2005

Powerful Women (Supermarket III)

Lady Bosses and Powerful Women, don’t be mad at me, I’m just fooling.

10:00 AM, a beautiful day, we are on our way to the Supermarket, “Oh Boy”.

I have a little “rain cloud” that hovers over my head from the time I get up until the time I go to bed, I am one of those people that little aggravating things happen to all day long. (I have a friend just like that, when he wakes up in the morning, he looks up at the ceiling and says, “well God, what are going to do to me today” “His Name Is Kelley”
Keeping this in mind, when I select a shopping cart I have to give it a “road test”, I run it around in a circle for a few moments, if I don’t, then I will surely get one that has a wheel that goes in the opposite direction than the other three, or I will have two wheels that won’t move at all.
After the road test, I have to check the area where my hands will be when I am pushing the cart, many times little kids will be sitting in the cart facing their mothers and all the slimey stuff that comes out of their noses and their mouths will be all over the handle, there will also be all kinds of crap from the candy and other garbage that the “Moms” give these squalling, screaming little monsters to shut them up. I fold that little basket thing up and don’t use it all, these kids also do “pee pee” in them, remember that, think about it the next time you shop, sometimes, “poo poo”.

Well I have my cart, I put my cane in it and head for the bakery to buy my doughnuts, I have my little bag and my piece of wax paper and am just reaching in to grab my doughnut when I hear it, “Oh God, Oh Jesus H Christ”, it’s getting louder, (I know what this sound means) “CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK a women’s high heel shoes, a 21st century Powerful Women is coming up fast, right behind me.

I have two bad legs, the worst one starts to tremble, a cold chill runs up my spine, I franticly snatch three doughnuts, crushing them and trying to get them into my bag before “Superwomen” reaches me. The little cloud is over my head, I know its there and I just know that this “Powerful Women”, this President Of General Motors Or Bank Of America is headed right for me, dear God don’t let this maniac want some doughnuts. I luck out, she flies by me, I look at her face, she is wild eyed and she has zeroed in on the Deli.

America has a whole new breed of women today, they are “BOSSES”, they wear “Pant Suits” they have “Horn Rim Glasses” and they no longer “Stroll” they “Run”, they are always in a hurry, they truly believe that they should always be at the front of the line, they are trained to be “in charge”, they ALWAYS have a Cell Phone stuck in their face.

Well for now I am out of harms way, I like to watch people, I think I will follow this “Female CEO” it should be interesting to watch her in action, I have nothing else to do.

She charges into the Deli and grabs a number and looks at it, there are three other people ahead of her, she checks them out and then she starts fidgeting and squirming around as though she has to go to the bathroom. Then her damn Cell Phone must of gone off, (I couldn’t hear it if it was right in my ear) she snatches it out of her pocket book and starts babbling, her mouth is going about ninety miles an hour and she is walking around in circles, (why do “bosses” walk around when they are talking on those damn things). One of the customer’s leave, the female boss jumps up to the counter, she knows damn right well it isn’t her turn, the clerk takes another customer, she gives the clerk a dirty look and keeps on cackling into her phone, I try to get close to hear what she is talking about but she hangs up.

The powerful women’s attention is now drawn to the clerk and his customer, this customer must be having a “cold cut party” at their house tonight, she is ordering 2lbs of everything in the store, maybe she owns a “Sub Shop”. Now “Miss Pant Suit” is going into the “stand and glare mode”, most women have a way of doing this so everybody within sight will know they are upset and that something has to be done, RIGHT NOW.
This is how a Powerful Women stands when she is irritated, “they cross their arms, then they stand with their right leg slightly bent, and their right foot is at a small outward angle”; they then stare at anyone and everyone within eyesight. This posture and this look means, “Danger, watch out for me, I don’t take shit from anybody, and I can do anything any damn Man can do”.

She finally gets her turn at the Deli, she shoves her ticket at the clerk and then starts, she orders a pound of ham, the clerk starts to slice, she stops him, she wants to taste it first, he gives her a piece, her gums start going, she swallows, then she says OK, he continues to slice, she stops him again, she wants to look at the thickness of the slice, he shows her, she says, “no, no make it a little thicker”, then she stops him again, he stops, she says, “no, that’s to thick, make it a little thinner”, now there are about four other women behind her with their arms folded and their right foot pointed out. She is finally done, she turns and stares at the other women with a look that says ”your all fired”.

Now she is in full gear again, “Click Clomp, Click Clomp” off she flies, God I hope she runs into my wife at the dairy section, when my wife buys milk she knows exactly what she wants but she will open the dairy door and just stand there, “she stares at milk”, my wife causes every cold storage motor in the store to go on, she opens the door, then stands, she goes into a trance, if the Powerful Women and my wife meet at the Milk Case it will be a sight to behold.

I’m getting all excited now, the hell with shopping, I know this 21st century “superwomen” is going to cause trouble and I want to be there when it happens.
She charges into the fish counter, two women are ahead of her, again she is delayed, she starts fidgeting, she gets her cart right up against the counter, between her and her cart she is taking up the space of four people, while waiting their turn some people like to look at the fish, they can’t do it with the “bitch boss” she and her cart are blocking all the fish from view, she also hangs onto her cart with her right hand, I wonder if she thinks someone is going to “steal” her cart and her boiled ham.

The “Powerful Women” tells the clerk she wants a large piece of Haddock, she points to one, he weighs it, she says, that’s fine, he starts to wrap it, she then screams at him, “wait, I want to smell that” (why didn’t she say that before he started to wrap it), he unwraps it and hands it to her, she holds it up and starts smelling it, she looks like a dog that is getting ready to urinate on a tree, she is holding the fish up to her face and sniffing it.

Trouble is now brewing in the fish department, the “Female Donald Trump” has decided she doesn’t want this piece of fish, she hands it back, she has had her face and hands all over it, the clerk knows all the other customers have been watching this women rub her nose all over the Haddock so he throws it on the back counter for cleaning. He mutters to himself, “bitch”. She now sniffs and snorts over several more pieces then finally selects one. The clerk then smiles and says, “would you like some ice on that” she replies” “no”, she grabs her fish and takes off, then BANG, she makes a U-Turn with her cart (something must of clicked in her cluttered little mind) she charges back into the fish counter, “Here” she screams, the fish man is waiting on another customer, the “Boss Women” cuts them right off and yells, “I think you better put some ice in this bag” she then glares at the other customers, she is saying to herself, “don’t you bastards know who I am”.

I can’t keep up with her, I’m old, my legs are no good, and I have to go to the bathroom. These “new breed” “Powerful Women” are always in a hurry, they run everywhere, their beady little eyes are darting from side to side, they cut you off with their carts, they stand right in the middle of the aisle while they read labels, they know you want to get by but they just ignore you. This one that I am following today has already smashed her cart into several people, you couldn’t insult her if you tried, she truly believes she is a “superior human being”, and she has the best Cell Phone money can buy to prove it.

Well she has been speeding up and down every aisle in the store, she has made several phone calls while she reads labels, and she has now started talking to herself. I’m getting sick of her, if she’s married I pity her poor husband, (I bet she sleeps with that damn phone).

She has very large breasts that bounce all over the place when she runs, her feet point out, she has “big teeth” like a ground hog, she reminds me of a Kennedy. The haircut is the best part of her though, her haircut makes her look just like “George Clooney”, “oh, oh”, there goes the phone again.

This is where all the action in a supermarket takes place, these “Boss Women” will stand in front of you for 45 minutes, blocking a whole aisle while they stare at a roll of toilet paper but when they get to the checkout they want every human being in the area to move immediately, they have to get out of this store just as fast as they can, they act as though the store was on fire. I stand back and watch.

First she cranes her stinking neck trying to see how much groceries the other people have, then she will pick out a “timid looking” person expecting them to say “oh Miss Boss, would you like to go before me”, finally she picks a line, then the phone rings, “blah, blah, blah,” click, the phone goes back in the purse, then she glares at the person behind her, she is thinking, “what the hell are you looking at”.
She is next, the person in front of her is almost finished putting her things on the belt, then it happens, the “Bitch Boss” forgot something. She grabs her pocket book, gives everybody a dirty look and then races back into the store, she leaves her cart right where it is but I don’t think she will get away with it this time.

Standing directly behind her is a women that looks like “King Kong”, she has two front teeth missing, part of her chest is showing and there is hair growing all over it almost up to her chin, she has a ring in her nose and the words “Shit Happens” are tattooed on the back of her neck, she’s wearing a Harley Davidson tee shirt that hasn’t been washed in two months.

It takes a couple of minutes for what has just happened to sink into “King Kong’s” little brain, then she realizes that the “Boss Women” is tying up the line and “King Kong” is next, the monster grabs “Cell Phone Sally’s” shopping cart and rams it out into the store, the cart slams into the Battery counter spilling battery’s all over the floor. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, STOMP, STOMP, STOMP here she comes, she is running, her Cell phone is in her ear, and she is trying to scream, then she yells, “HEY THAT’S MY CART”, King Kong steps out into the store and bellows “SO WHAT BITCH, WHAT YOU GONNA DO, ASS HOLE, YOU THINK WE ALL GONNA WAIT ON YOU”

Oh Jesus, poor little “Miss Important” and her Cell Phone, she turned white, her lips quivered, the last thing I could see was a head that looked like George Clooney bobbing up and down as the President Of General Motors went racing out into the parking lot.

I bet she went to work the next day and Fired ten people.
Author: Red Burtt

Monday, April 04, 2005

Slimey Greedy Landlords

If you should be looking for an apartment in the Boston area or surrounding suburbs, and if you live alone and have a little Kitty for company the Rotten Bastard Money Mad Landlords want the Cat to "Pay Rent".

These greedy maggot skunks charge anywhere from $25 to $50 more per month if you have a cat...
(Most apartment cats are "de-clawed")

I now put a Curse on Smelly Greedy Landlords.

"May you fall on your next trip to the bank and break your Filthy Bowels".

Author: Red Burtt

Sunday, April 03, 2005

End Of This Subject For Me

I am a Flaming Right Wing Neo Con that firmly believes that America is being dumbed down to destroy all aspects of "American Culture".

I used to be a Democrat until the "WHACK JOB KOOKS" took them over. "I AM A NEO CON THAT BELEIVES IN EUTHANASIA". (On that, I am a Liberal). I believe Dr Kavorkian was a man ahead of his time. He helped people that wanted to die a dignified death, people that did not want to die screaming and delerious with pain. (they were dying anyway). Our so called civilized society put him in jail, (while OJ Simpson plays golf in Florida).

Terri Schiavo should have been "Put To Sleep" years ago. I do not believe in STARVING OR DEHYDRATING any living creature to death. That is torture. (Far worse than having underwear put on your head) If starving is as wonderful and beautiful as The NY Times says it is, why then don't we starve the "Ted Bundy's" to death.

When and if they catch Bin Laden, if they should sentence him to death, will the NY Times recommend "Starvation/Dehydration" as the form of execution.?
(Don't bet on it, that is only for little helpless women that can't fight back)

I don't agree with everything the "Right Wing" does and banning Euthanasia is one of them. If the left wing and the New Democrats would STOP trying to destroy American Culture and stop trying to Force their Immoral, Perverse, Socialist, Liberal Agenda onto the American way of life. I would become a democrat again.

I still believe Terri's husband was more interested in "HURTING" Terri's parents that he was about what "Terri Wanted". He is still fighting them, even after Terri is dead.

I will now return to putting my thoughts into "Supermarkets".

Author: Red Burtt

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hanoi Hanna Is Back

Jane Fonda:
Sunday night, April 3, 2005 on "60 minutes". Leslie Stahl will be interviewing the old "Traitor Bag", she claims to be a "Born Again Christian" but she is still a spaced out freak from "Hollywood, Land Of The Wife Swappers".

OLd "Face Lift" now whines that she "Regrets" the photo showing her sitting on a "Viet Cong" tank with her little "Cong Flag" (Bullshit). She is still an Anti American Bitch, her Idea of the perfect Government is still "Communism".

She is a NUT and she marries NUT'S.

The best part of the interview will be when this Idiot tells of her "Whack Job " then husband (they all have 3 or 4) Roger Vadim, Roger comes home with a Hooker and they have "Three Way Sex", this degenerate admits this, what is the purpose of this "fool" going on public TV and telling the world that she is an Immoral piece of shit.....She claims she jumped in bed with Roger and the Hooker because she loved little scummy Roger and wanted to please

People like Fonda despise "Soccer Moms" "Church Suppers" "Easter" "CHRISTmas" "Crosses" "Ten Commandments" "Jesus H Christ", these things represent "MORALITY".
These things help certain people, Religion Helps certain people get through life. 90% of America's prison population are born again Christians. (Jane claims to be one too)

So old "Wrinkles" figures she will go on National TV and shock the shit out of the "Choir Girls" by talking about her "Three Way Sex"........She Now Belongs To A Baptist

Jane Fonda Should Of Had Her Feeding Tubes Pulled Years Ago.
Watch Her Sunday---lol.........Ted Turner Is A Beauty, Ain't He, Jane sure knows how to pick em....

Author: Red Burtt