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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jesus Has Come Back

The Messiah Has Appeared:
Jesus has returned and he is running for President Of The United States Of America, his name is Barack H. Obama, he is a "poster boy" for Liberal Diversity, the liberal left wing democrats have been waiting for almost fifty years for this, even the Hollywood "wife swappers" are going crazy over this "New Elvis".

The big attraction to this man isn't Foreign Policy, it isn't Health Care, it isn't The Economy, the reason the left Wing Dingobats are all fawning, swooning and gushing over Barack H. Obama is, he talks pretty.

Last week somewhere in America "Prince Obama" walked onto a stage in front of thousands of Left Wing Screaming Liberal Democrats and performed his first Miracle, The Messiah "Blew His Nose" immediately several hundred Democrats Fainted and Hundreds more had Multiple Orgasms.

The poor old cackling hag "Pant Suit Hillary" is now all washed up, her Lip Biting Husband "Billy Blue Dress" is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, his dream of living in the White House again, reliving the good times in the Oval Office with a Box Of Cigars and a New Intern, all the big Hollywood Partys, Barbara Striesand naked in the Lincoln Bedroom, all this has been destroyed by the second coming of Christ in the form of Barack H Obama and America's New Queen "Oprah".

America's Black Community has deserted their old "true friend" they have ran to the side of The New Prince, one of their own, even the Billy Blue Dress "spiritual advisor" has left him, Jessie Jackson.

Soon Pant Suit & Blue Dress will have to throw in the towel and waddle back to whence they came, maybe to the Blue Dress Presidential Library, maybe to a remote Trailer Park in Arkansas, Pant Suit will probably stay in the Senate where she can stand up every so often to yell and scream something about "health care" but maybe, just maybe this could be the end of these two wretched people, maybe now they will finally "go away".

The other side, the Neo Con Republicans are going to run a "Crazy Hot Tempered Old Man" who supported the Invasion Of America by 12 million illegal aliens, where have the true American Heros gone, are there any left, Washington DC has turned into America's Cesspool Shit Hole full of crooked disgusting grinning drunks junkies and sex perverts.



Author: Red Burtt