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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Barney Franks Underwear

The Barney Frank election committee plans on holding a Dinner/Dance party tonight (election night) Barney is all excited he really believes he’s going to win, my sources have been speaking with his people and we are starting to find out that Barney plans to attend the gala wearing ladies underwear and that isn’t all, he has chosen a beautiful Rose Colored Mini Skirt matched by a light maroon blouse with flowers, he will also wear imported Chinese Silk Stockings held in place by a Fur Lined slim garter belt, Barney prefers garter belts to panty hose, Barney said that when he and his good friend Uncle Teddy Kennedy used to dance Uncle Teddy used to like to run his hand up under Barney’s dress and snap his garter belt, tears came to Barney’s eyes as told this little intimate story about his old friend but he was smiling.

Barney said ‘win or lose tonight will be a fun night’


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