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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I have been studying UFO’s, they are out there you know, have you ever wondered why they don’t seem to want to communicate with us, they leave these big circles in fields all over the world (Crop Circles) but they know we will never figure them out and if we did the Pope would say we were crazy and deny it..

I also think they’re afraid to land and try to say hello to us, when they look down all we are ever doing is killing each other, can you imagine what must have been going through their minds if they flew around watching The Invasion Of Normandy during WWII.
Then we dropped the “big bomb” on Hiroshima that really got them all worked up there were UFO sightings every day for two years after that one even Harry Truman said “what the hell are those things” he thought they were trying to kill him..

There have been a lot of other things since then to scare them off, Korea, Viet Nam, 9/11, Iraq, The Clintons but just this past month I think we did it, I believe they have finally left and gone home, they may return in another thousand years or so but we really scared them this time and what you ask did we do, the answer, Anna Nicole Smith.

For the last 30 days we bombarded the world and cyber space with photos of this Pitiful, Embarrassing, Talent-less, Shameless, Disgusting Old Bag blowing kisses and shaking her big fat ass at the American People, what in the name of God did this wretched Exhibitionist ever do to get more publicity and more fame than Jackie Onassis or Jesus H Christ.

Go to any Supermarket in America and as soon as you step through the door you will see at least ten women far more attractive than this “Freak”

They have finally laid the poor soul to rest, she was buried yesterday but her Mother says she is going to have her dug up and re-buried next to Marilyn Munroe, Howard K Stern says if she does he will have her dug up again and he will have her buried with Abraham Lincoln.
If you wonder what turned this women into a circus side show moron just look at her Mother.

Message To All UFO Drivers:
Don’t attempt to land here or make friends with us, they first thing we will do is try to kill you.
Red Burtt